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The ancient Inca vestiges explained
The ancient inca vestiges can explain the mysteries of the past! Vestiges that in reality are older than the relatively recent Inca time, and that provided for Alfredo the foundations for his theory. Read about the DVD that we produced and on which you will be able to see all the visual evidence.

Other ancient cultures and their vestiges
It's amazing how the vestiges of ancient cultures show the same characteristics. Examples from all over the world can be found.

Geology mysteries explained
The geology mysteries of our past can be understood with Alfredo Gamarra's explanation. Other theories support his ideas. Read why the existence of a smaller earth in the past is prooven.

The Inca history in short
The mysteries that still exist about the Incas. How were they conquered by such a small group of Spanish men? Did they built all the vestiges of Cusco as Sacsayhuaman, Machu Picchu, Pisac and Ollantaytambo?

Biology mysteries of the past explained
Prehistorical biology mysteries can be explained with a growing earth model. Of all species, bigger forms existed in the past, forms that were adapted to a smaller world and to less gravity.

Vitrified stones
A phenomenon till now not well understood and not investigated correctly, will be explained here, with many images of the Inca vestiges as examples. Download here the free chapter about Vitrification of our DVD The Cosmogony of the 3 Worlds

Mysteries of the first language
Ancient languages exist in Peru, and they represent the remnants of what was the first language in the world.

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alfredo gamarra

Alfredo Gamarra was born in Cusco, Peru. With the help of guided dreams, he investigated the mysteries of his homeland and the world. With the Inca vestiges practically in his backyard, he came to extremely interesting conclusions that will turn your world upside-down!

jesus gamarra

His son Jesus, is now in charge of Alfredo's inheritance. He is continues the investigations and is now publishing Alfredo's work.

Jan Peter de Jong

Jan Peter de Jong

I Lived 13 years in Peru and I am the editor of this webpage. I worked together with Jesus Gamarra on a DVD with all the visual evidences of Alfredo's theory, called The Cosmogony of the 3 worlds


The ideas and explanations on this website are an eyeopener to many people. Here are some of the comments we had of people that evaluated our information on the DVD 'The Cosmogony of the Three Worlds', read about it or had the chance to see the vestiges after our explanations. Click here for the comments.

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28th of march 2009, Paris. Event:. Giza for Humanity.

15th of november 2008, Amsterdam. Event: Frontier Symposium 2008.
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