Many people had the possiblity to check the information on our DVD, on TV, on the Internet, 'in situ' at the vestiges themselves, at events where we were invited or just by talking to us about the investigations of Alfredo Gamarra: Here we will give a compilation of some of the comments:

From: www.grenswetenschap.nl
Enormous rocks fitting so exactly that not even a millimetre of space exists between them, a result of which we still do not know how they did it in that time. But they are there, and who, like Gamarra and de Jong, looks further than the existing dogmas, might come to surprising conclusions. Above is just a small expression of what is to be heard and especially to be seen in the documentary. Vestige after vestige and detail after detail are to be observed, including very special geometric prints in the megalithic stoneblocks. The DVD the Cosmogony of the 3 worlds gives us much to think about and to consider, and the indications and proofs are not easy to deny. Where  von Däniken and the New Age movement got stuck, Gamarra gets us on track again!

Mischa Peereboom, Holland:
First I would like to thank you for your beautiful documentary of 'The Cosmogony of the Three Worlds!! A good theory that invites to think outside the box and provides another perspective for ourselves and our present civilization. I really think you stumled upon something very beautiful. Because of your way of looking at things, I started looking differently at things myself, it widened my horizon. Especially with the growing eart theory. As was said by John Anthony West: if you look only for the stones, you won't find the diamonds. Because of your film I started to look differently, and now I see the diamonds!

Hansa den Tuinder, Holland:
Hi Jan Peter, I wanted to thank you very much for the magnificent presentation during the Frontier Seminar. Afterwards I realised that your workshop was the most beautiful of all.

Dutch Publisher (name withhold):
Dear Jan Peter,
It was a real pleasure for us to meet you here at our office. You informed us about the work of the late Alfredo Gamarra in Peru and his discoveries on the three worlds, and about your cooperation with his son Jesus Gamarra. You showed us a video, which was very interesting. The whole concept of the existence of the three worlds Hanan Pacha, Uran Pacha and Ukun Pacha is very interesting indeed and explains a lot, like how huge stoneblocks could fit so closely in the buildings. It was clear to us that the information to which you and Jesus have access is very important and is worthwhile to be published in a book.

Michael, Australia:
I think that the Gamarra research is intriguing. I do feel that there is definitely a great deal of merit to the concept in general. I have no doubt that humanity has been around for perhaps millions of years and have been through numerous civilisations leading up to our current one. As long as we keep searching for the truth we will gain more insights.

Claudia Vazquez, Spain:
I have now seen the DVD, very interesting. The theory of three worlds is surprising, but very well documented from the archaeological point of view. I noticed the discovery of the three circles at various sites, like the design of Atlantis. The subject of gravity is a good answer to how such huge blocks of stone could be transported, also the subject of soft, deformable stone is consistent in order to explain why these blocks of stone so precisely fit together. Also, the increasing gravity in time explains how all living beings became smaller. After seeing the DVD I wanted to hear and see more about it, I know that there is more material so more questions could be answered,  when will the next DVD be released?

Comments from messageboards on the Internet:
To my friends and colleagues on this board I would urge all to read these words carefully and search your hearts to see if they do not speak truth to you. Jan and Jesus are hot on the heels of some potentially illusion shattering leads with regard to unbroken lines of human culture, possibly bridging more than 10,000 years, and as regards the linguistic aspects these are based in the Quechua/Aymara type of idiom. I am sure that this work will be crucial to establishing a true link to our past. Stay tuned to this channel, as they say ! :-) David (Timebanditx).

Great stuff, guys.  Ananda.

Fits beautifully if you ask me. Thank you Jesus and Jan for taking the time to put these thoughts up for our consideration. An extremely interesting piece and I am eagerly looking forward to further installments. Michael (Mephisto).

Dear Jan and Jesus,
Thank you very much for this wonderful piece of work. I am very glad you posted it here. I look forward to your TV special and truly hope that more research and help will be offered to you so we may get to see a fresh way of thinking in our world. Mr Gamarra's ideas might just change the world. Thank you. Best wishes, Pat (The Alien).

A wealth of fascinating material Jan and Jesus.............., many thanks, I will digest it with infinite patience. Khufutut2.

Jan & Jesus,
This is fascinating - I printed your post so I could read it a couple of times, without killing my eyes! I'm still only 1/2 way through it, and thought of the aymara language: http://www.aymara.org    Lydia.

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