Alfredo Gamarra

Alfredo Agustín Gamarra Caller was born in 1903. SInce 1907 he had dreams about stones, that later resulted to be the stones of the monument of Ollantaytambo. When he visited the place for the first time, he heard a voice inside saying:

This is the first edition of the genesis of the sacred scripts.

It was the first step on his long journey of study, investigation and the discovery of never touched aspects inside of the giant puzzle of human history and the ancient mysteries. And this journey only ended in 1999 when he faded away at the age of 96. Till today I have not found better explanations than what Alfredo has left us as result of his investigations about all the mysterious phenomena that can be found in Sacsayhuaman and the other vestiges around Cusco. His conclusions are surprising but explain where others don't; all would have been made by the Inca's if we had to believe the official versions. Alfredo puts the timeline much farther back in time. His theories give us clear indications on how the mysterious places all over the world could have been made. As also in for example Egypt and Sacsayhuaman we find the same details in the stone as in Cusco. Our past according to Alfredo was very different also because of less gravity, and the American continent is certainly not a New World where human history just started!

Alfredo Gamarra in SacsayhuamanAlfredo and Jesús GamarraAlfredo in sacsayhuaman
Pictures of Alfredo Gamarra in Sacsayhuaman.

Publications about his investigations

Alfredo left a wealth of material about his investigations, enough to produce more than 15 books. But he preferred to investigate and study, instead of presenting his work. So now his son Jesús Gamarra is focusing especially on the publication. Despite Alfredo's dedication to investigations, some publications already exist:

-Articles in Peruvian magazines.
-Article in the newspaper 'El Comercio de Lima'. See Alfredo Gamarra in El Comercio de Lima
-The movie Kerara Marka produced by Panamericana Televisión (and directed by Jesús Gamarra).See the whole movie here:

Keraramarka part 1

Keraramarka part 2

Keraramarka part 3

-The book Parawayso, recently published and written by Jesús Gamarra, for now only available in Spanish.
-Different aspects of his theory and investigations have been discussed and presented online, for example on the Graham Hancock messageboards.
-An article in the magazine Frontier of November/ December 2008, written by myself (Jan Peter de Jong) in Dutch.
The documentary 'The Cosmogony of the 3 Worlds'.

A short synthesis of his theory.

Alfredo's visions give us a completely other idea about History, especially about our own human history. History is divided in different periods, periods in which earth had another orbit, mass and gravity. This conclusion permits to explain many aspects that till now where unclear, uncertain or a mystery. The analisis of the vestiges in and around Cusco is the direct and literally rock hard evidence of his theory. It forms the base and is presented in the documentary The documentary 'The Cosmogony of the 3 Worlds'. It definitely will help us to explain the ancient mysteries.

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