Geology mysteries seen differently, less gravity in the past is proven!

To solve geology mysteries about the history and age of the earth, we have to go beyond the tipical quarrel in geology between main stream geologyand religion/ bible based geology. Alfredo Gamarra proposed a different model of our earth, in which earth made significant changes during it's history.

He said that earth originally came from the sun, and underwent a process of expansion, going through different stages, from one orbit till the other. During this process earth increased in mass. As a consecuence, the force of Gravity also increased. All other planets underwent the same process.

Alfredo said that human history took place during the latest 3 orbits, as earth was neither too close, neither too far away from the sun to make human life possible. The present orbit of 365 days is only the latest part in our history, before this, there was a period of 260 days and before that one of 225 days.

Alfredo Gamarra is not the only one who claims a smaller earth and less gravity in the past. The expanding earth theory is a geological theory that exists for a long time, but was critized and rejected by main stream geology, basically because there was no explanation for the increase in mass and where the mass should come from. Neither was there an explanation within the conventional laws of physics.

But there are hard to deny evidences presented on an Expanding or Growing Earth. For example by geologist James Maxlow, who presented recently his book Terra Non Firma Earth, a convincing document in favor of an expanding earth. See also his

The most convincing argument is the perfect ftting of the continents on a smaller earth, this could not be a coincidence. Maxlow: ''a Pangaean reconstruction on a globe representing between 55% to 60% of the present Earth radius can produce a tight, coherent fit of continents''.

See a sample of Terra non firma online: Terra Non Firma
To buy his book or e-book, see here: Terra Non Firma

See lectures online here: James Maxlow on youtube

There are many authors now that wrote about an expanding earth, see here: reading tips for the growing and/ or expanding earth theory

Than there is Neal Adams, he discovered that planets and moons in our solar system grow. As the planets grow, their outer skin cracks and spreads and new surface is exposed and hardens. He shows animations of different planets and moons on his webside, making them smaller and making older plates (without the cracks) fit again, and it fits perfectly! Again, all those perfect fits cannot be a coincidence. See:

Now Alfredo Gamarra proposed a model of an orbit changing planet, while the expanding or growing earth model is of gradual increase of mass and orbit. But both Alfredo's theory and the expanding/ growing earth theory coincide that earth was smaller: there was less mass, so gravity was less also. This had it's influence on life on earth. And even for human history it had consecuences, as ancient vestiges can show us.

The reasons Alfredo Gamarra splits human history in 3 parts, are various:

-3 different styles in ancient vestiges (the older styles with phenomena not easy to repeat with present technology, or in other words, made under circumstances with less gravity and density)

-symbols of 3 phases in many vestiges and cultures around the globe

-3 concentric circles in for example Sasayhuaman, Stonehenge, Borobudur and others

-the 3 pyramids of Giza

-the 3 different ages humans can reach in for example the bible and egyptian history (see the relation between age and gravity)

-the existence of 3 mythical worlds of the Incas in Cusco, but interpretated as 3 real worlds

-the existence of 3 different calendars, the 225 dyas of the Sun Gate of Tiohuanaco, Bolivia, the Mayan Tzolkin calendar of 260 days and the Mayan Haab calendar in which references where found to 365, 260 and 225 days.

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