Biology mysteries of the giant species in the past, are related to less surface gravity of the Earth

Normally considered as one of the great biology mysteries, how could such giant life forms exist on earth? The extinction of these species are great evidence of an earth with less mass and less gravity. From all kind of flora and fauna, bigger life forms existed. Coinciding with different sources, we make the same conclusion as Alfredo Gamarra already did years ago:

-Dinosaurs and other giant species, are too big to live under present circumstances of surface gravity. They would not be able to support their own weight.

-The hearts of these giants were too small to pump their blood around if gravity would have been the same as now.

-Animals were too big to be able to fly with present gravity, the largest flying animal that ever existed, the pterosaur was believed to have been about 127 kg and 12 meters across the wings, while present wingspan of the biggest flying bird, the albatros, is only almost 4 meters long.

-From different kinds of animals, as mammals, insects, reptiles etc., there were bigger forms than their 'relatives' of today. This has to do with a scale effect, meaning that the type of body an animal has, can be bigger with less gravity, with more gravity the same kind of body has to be smaller to be strong enough. This means that also for example insects had bigger ancestors.

-A slower multiplication rate occurs with less garvity. Aclaration: body cells seem to divide less quickly, which means that multiplication is slower, and it is a mecanism that could explain longer lifespans in the past, see below.

-Bones get weaker, more as cartilage, when there is less gravity. Proofs; astronauts in space as reported by NASA, animals that live in the water have smaller bones than animals with similar size on the land. The bones of dinosaurs where not denser than bones of animals from this time, meaning that they would be to weak to support their weight.

A book that explains more details about these observations is the book of Stephen Hurrell, called Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth. See also his website: A sample of his book you can check here online: Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth.

-A longer life is possible with less gravity. Examples: the longest living animals are whales, turtles, tubeworms and a kind of mollusk called ocean quahog or Icelandic cyprine. Living in the water causes the same effects on the body as on land with less gravity. Buoyancy in the water almost eliminates the effect of gravity. Therefore animals can grow bigger in water than on land, and live longer also.

Now all this is realtively new, at least not considered in this way. It will change our view on biology mysteries, evolution and creation of the earth. Alfredo Gamarra applied these principles also on human history, and the human body. So people lived longer and were bigger? Much against the present opinions of evolution and human history, but according the principles mentioned in the biology mysteries and the geology mysteries part, completely logical.....

Also we have to consider these arguments:

-In all cultures there exist legends and myths about giants and gods. Were they our own ancestors?

-Some authors, with Cremo as one of the best known, talk about human devolution instead of evolution. See; Cremo, Forbidden Archeology.

For more of his books see here:

-Many authors speak about ancient races as Nephilim and the fallen angels of the bible, and of longer life spans. The bible has 3 different periods of human life: first we were almost immortal, than we could live to over 1000 years (Matusalem etc..), and than we could live till 120 years. These 3 periods are the same as Afredo Gamarra indicates. According to Alfredo, the first period was Heaven on Earth, the begin time of the bible, and this was ended when we were thrown out of Paradise (a shift of orbit). In this new orbit we were till the time of the Confusion of language, and after that we came in the latest orbit of 365 days in which our days will be maxiumum some 120 years.

Why aren't there any taller ancestors in the fossil records? The answer is that there are, but normally treated as Hoaxes, anomalies etc.. And also exist the possibility that most bones are gone as they would have been more like cartilage. Good to know here is the effect that happens on the bones of astronauts in space as earlier mentioned. Also think about babies that only after birth, that means after being exposed to gravity outside the womb, develop cartilage into harder bones.

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