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The Cosmogony of The Three Worlds
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A documentary based on the investigations of Alfredo Gamarra. He concluded that the magnificent stonework of Cusco, Peru, attributed to the Incas, was constructed in a completely different way than proposed normally. There are 3 different styles to be observed, corresponding to 3 different periods, the first 2 go back in time much further than Inca time'. This documentary is the visual evidence of Alfredo's claims. More info and a downloadable version here.

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Documentary produced by Jesus Gamarra and Jan Peter de Jong. Could Cusco have been Babylon the Great? And Sacsayhuaman the Tower of Babel? Is Cusco in Peru, known as the old Capital of the Incas, the Ancient City of "Babylon the Great"? And could the most cyclopean structure on earth, just above and to the North of the City and known as Sacsayhauman, be the Legendary "Tower of Babel"? These questions are not that strange anymore once one understands that the most advanced and biggest stonework found in and near Cusco, has not been the work of the Incas but from a much earlier culture, a culture that was able to build the megalithic vestiges around Cusco and around the world. For more info click here, also for a downloadable version.

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Evidence of Vitrified Stonework of Inca Sites
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This paper deals with the questions surrounding vitrified stones in Peru. Whilst many of these stones have been tested in the rest of the world there seems to be little if any analysis on the Incan vestiges. A small sample was taken from a cave for further analysis. It was sourced in a curious cave with many man made altars, platforms and cutouts. The type of vestige that is according to Alfredo Gamarra the "Hanan Pacha" style. Some of these pieces of stonework are mysterious enough in their own right. Through detailed spectral analysis of the sample, it is shown that the ancient Peruvians could apply a kind of ceramic finishes onto limestone.

Some great books that confirm Alfredo Gamarra's conclusion about less gravity in the past:

Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth
See this review from amazon: "Dinosaurs were impossibly large creatures which dwarf the life of today. Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth presents a startling new theory to explain the gigantic size of these monsters from an ancient time. The eBook resolves the major riddle of the dinosaurs' large size by presenting convincing evidence that the dinosaurs lived in a reduced gravity."

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