Alfredo Gamarra in El Comercio de Lima

Alfredo Gamarra in El Comercio de Lima

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Subjects soon to come on this site:

About Paradigm change
Alfredo Gamarra and JesĂșs Gamarra investigated with a truly multidisciplinary approach. The necesity of that is important, as orthodox science with only some reductionistic investigations, was not able to explain convincently all the aspects to be found in the vestiges of Cusco.

The production of The Cosmogony of the 3 worlds

I soon will show here some information on how and where we have been filming the footage of ''The cosmogony of the 3 worlds''.

Peru and Cusco

Peru is a marvelous country, and the place where I lived, Cusco, is unique in the world. Here I will present more information about this great country and city.



The ideas and explanations on this website are an eyeopener to many people. Here are some of the comments we had of people that evaluated our information on the DVD 'The Cosmogony of the Three Worlds', read about it or had the chanche to see the vestiges after our explanations. Click here for the comments.

Past  events

28th of march 2009, Paris. Event:. Giza for Humanity.

15th of november 2008, Amsterdam. Event: Frontier Symposium 2008
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