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As the editor of this website, I would like to introduce myself, in order to establish my relation with the investigations of Alfredo Gamarra and with the ancient mysteries of especially Cusco, Peru, but also with the mysteries of human history in general and with the history of the earth.
I studied Agronomy at Wageningen University, Netherlands. I visited Peru for the first time in 1987, to do the practice for my studies, and was impressed with the country and especially with Cusco and surroundings. After becoming an agricultural engineer by completing my studies in 1988, I worked at the University. From 1991 till 1994 I worked in Ecuador in an irrigation proyect high in the Andes.

After the time in Ecuador I went to Peru again, to start my own business in tourism in the town that I liked so much, Cusco. My idea was to keep on working in development projects, wanting to do that after the business would be well established. But my business started to grow, I had enough income and was able to give work to dozens of people. It also resulted difficult to leave the business in other hands. So I stayed working in tourism, managing a pub, restaurant and travel agency.

Before I started working in Cusco, I already made a guided trip to the vestige of Sacsayhauman, just above Cusco, where the guide, in those days a good friend of the Gamarra's, explained the basic concepts of the investigations and theory of Alfredo. I was interested and impressed with the explanation and the vestige and it was as if I saw it for the first time. At least for the first time with ''other eyes''! Later I had the honor to meet Jesús Gamarra. He explained me more details about the theory and investigations of his father Alfredo. After Alfredo faded away, Jesús asked me to help him with the production of the DVD ''The Cosmogony of the 3 Worlds''.

About my interests

During my studies I noticed the negative impacts of an agriculture that was based on reductionistic scientific investigations. An agriculture that had many negative social and ecological Impacts, as these were not considered in those investigations. Instead the focus was always on a high producing agricultural system. Of course in Holland and on my University, the methods used were a guaruantee for an high producing agricultural sysem, but with social and environmental consecuences. That's why in that time integrated and ecological agriculture were gaining popularity, as was the management of the ambience, on which I did a post doctoral study. I got interested in more holistic approaches, and also in the process of paradigm change in science. During the time I worked in development projects, integrated and interdisciplinaire approaches were gaining popularity. Also here former approaches let to negative results in some aspects, so other factors had to be taken into account. For example social, ecological and genero related impacts.

Archaeology and history were firstly not a favourite subjects for me. Maybe under the influence of the still leading opinion and paradigm that is darwinistic, going from primitive to sophisticated. The first time I saw Machu Picchu and the other vestiges of Cusco and surroundings, I liked the places and was admired of how those Incas were able to make those splendid sites, but: what to do with a bunch of old primitive stones?

Paradigm change

After living more time in Cusco and getting to know more about the vestiges of the Incas, and after hearing about the theory and investigations of Alfredo Gamarra, I got passionate about the sites and the significance of all the different styles and phenomena that can be observed, and from which can be concluded that official archaeology might be completely wrong and that many things in the human history and history of the earth seem to be the other way round. I started to realize that the truth is most possibly far beyond the imagination of the mayority! I am know convinced that also here we need a paradigm change. Paradigms that could need a change are various. Just to mention a few: Darwinism and evolution theory, geology, human history, cosmology.

An open mind is needed to accept ideas as those of Alfredo Gamarra. His approach was truly integrated or holistic as he investigated from many different viewpoints and scientific disciplines. But his strongest points are that he, as nobody else, was capable to understand his own culture and language, and also his own territory, things I now consider more important than the not very impressing official archaeological information that is available. 

Happily enough also other scientificly educated persons are concluding in the same sense as I do. Being open minded does not mean just accepting any possibility, it means not to exclude possibilities and to research and evaluate them beyond the paradigms that exist. And if than phenomena can be explained that are not explained in another way (at least not in a credible way), paradigm  change should be considered. There is a long way to go but I got convinced that we need that in history. Starting with the vestiges of Cusco and with Alfredo Gamarra's references, we see that the Incas only were responsable for a small part of the constructions. 

Reductionistic science

I see still reductionistic scientific theories where scientist keep on searching for explanations that are based on the wrong assumptions. They do not look into other possibilities, maybe because of carreers in danger, too much risk to take, or simply because of not willing to see. That does not mean I will not try to follow logic and loose myself in complete fantasies. Alfredo Gamarra's ideas can be backed up with other compatible ideas, investigations, theories. There is much to explain, and as said before, present paradigms do not help too much with that

Why I promote Alfredo Gamarra's ideas

I will promote Alfredo Gamarra's ideas. This I will do on this website, where I present my experiences with his investigations, where I plan to present future productions beside the already published, and where I also will continue to search for ideas and proofs that support his theory. I do that because of the DVD I produced with Jesús Gamarra and because of the evidences that Alfredo's theory can be backed up  with. Especially his own observations to be noticed and expressed in stone, as seen by myself 'in situ', and because of many indications found in modern theories about History, Geology and Biology that can support his ideas. See an short interview with me made in Paris, during the Giza for Humanity Conference in march 2009:

See my Youtube channel

See here a short interview with me made in Paris, during the Giza for Humanity Conference in march 2009:http://www.shancommunity.org/mdpro/CMpro-v-p-320.html

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