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Cusco and The Sacred Valley 2014

Join The USOKS Research Team on the Cusco & Sacred Valley Expedition - August 9th - August 20th 2014 - Exclusively hike to some of the more obscure/hidden sites with our special guest Jesus Gamarra who recently presented some of these fascinating sites to Graham Hancock.

So next Date Available: August 9th 2014

This once in a lifetime, hands on, alternative investigative tour in Peru is brought to you by the USOKS Research Team.
Join the USOKS Research Team, which includes Jan Peter de Jong and Jesus Gamarra.

We will explore and investigate the many anomalies in Peru and Bolivia.

We will also explore Jan Peter de Jong's vitrification theory by visiting some of the more 'hidden' and often 'ignored' out of the way places.

Experience the 3 worlds represented in stone as we explore the amazing Pachas with Jesus Gamarra and Jan Peter de Jong......

Join the USOKS Research Team Peru on a fascinating expedition through Cusco and the Sacred Valley. This is no ordinary ‘’tour’’ – The USOKS Research Team Peru, will take you through the known and unknown sites in Cusco and the surrounding area. Experience areas of Cusco you have never seen or heard of before and explore in depth with the team. Our specialist team member, Jesus Gamarra (who recently led Graham Hancock around Cusco), will lead small expeditions to sites known only to Jesus and the team. The itinerary is what we like to call a ‘’grass roots’’ expedition. We will be hiking most days but we will have the added convenience of buses & trains where necessary. So, bring your hiking boots, sun hat, and plenty of water and join us on an exclusive, affordable expedition with the USOKS Research Team, Peru.

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