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The Discoveries of Alfredo Gamarra

Alfredo Gamarra in SacsayhuamanAlfredo and Jesus GamarraAlfredo in sacsayhuaman

New Tour to Peru with the USOKS for August 2014

Join me on this special investigative Tour to Peru , brought to you in cooperation with the USOKS Research Group.


towerofbabel New Documentary Etemenanki, The Tower of Babel in Cusco, Peru? See; here for more info.
Or download instantly this documentary here.
Also now download instantly our documentary "The Cosmogony of the Three Worlds" for only $7,99! See here: Documentary 'The Cosmogony of the 3 Worlds'

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Evidence of vitrified stones in the Inca Vestiges; the results of the analysis of a sample explained in an article, read it here: Evidence of Vitrified Stonework in the Inca Vestiges


The ideas and explanations on this website are an eyeopener to many people. Here are some of the comments we had of people that evaluated our information on the DVD 'The Cosmogony of the Three Worlds', read about it or had the chance to see the vestiges after our explanations. Click here for the comments.